Clara's Story of Healing & Hope

In a letter written to Will Harris, the founder of Healthful Solutions 4U, Clara tells us her story of healing and hope!


October 29, 2018

Dear Will,

I wanted to tell you what a difference your energizer reflex machine has made on my leg and what it has done to help me.

Three years ago, I injured my leg by trying to move a large piece of furniture. Shooting pain was constantly going up my leg. It lasted for 6 months. When it stopped my leg was tight and I couldn't walk without pain. I went to an orthopedic doctor many times, had MRI's, x-rays, even was tested for neuropathy, they found nothing.


After three treatments on your machine, I took my first walk down the steps like a normal person, instead of one step at a time.


I still have tightness, but intend to get additional treatments from you. What your treatments did was give me "hope." Hope that I could again walk like a normal human being.

I believe it was Divine Intervention that I met you that day at the office. Thanks so much for your help.

Clara G.