Will Harris

Chief Executive Officer

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My Story


My journey to wellness began many years ago when I was just a child spending summers with my father while we tended to his beloved family garden. Our family, which included my parents, seven brothers and three sisters made many memories around the table eating the garden's healthy and delicious bounty.


Growing up I tried to learn as much as possible about gardening from my father and read many books and articles about healthy living and lifestyles. But, it was later on in life when I learned that many in my family were diabetic with multiple health issues, that my quest was elevated to a new level. Not everyone in my family responded well to traditional medical treatments and I was driven to discover alternative methods and modalities to help them.

After having my first foot detox treatment with a naturopathic doctor in Philadelphia; Dr. Ethel Wilson, I was convinced that this was the path I should be taking. As my body began to rid itself of heavy metals, chemicals and toxins, my energy levels were elevated and my overall wellness improved.


My journey continues even to this day. That same hunger for knowledge that I experienced as a boy working in our family garden with my father fuels my desire to learn through my own practice with many clients, as well as by attending conferences and classes. I'm always improving my knowledge of alternative and holistic practices, because ultimately, I want to find Healthful Solutions for You to live a happier, healthier lifestyle.